There will be 36 young Moscow Stud Farm horses offered from our 2018 crop of elite Orlov Trotter foals.

They come from mares whose families count two centuries of high-performing and famous individuals, horses that are remembered even today. Moscow Stud Farm has integrated its mares into a herd that is the culmination of multiple decades of breeding research, knowhow and experience. This year’s auction will showcase the amazing results of that work.

The Orlov Trotter stallions who sired these 2018 sales horses represent the best of their breed, and that means the best Orlov Trotters in the world. They include the spectacular Politik, the great racehorse Beresklet and Moscow Stud’s amazing homebred Kaniuk, the winner of the greatly sought-after Bars Prize, and also the center horse or “Korennik” in the Stud’s champion troika. Two newer sires are the stallions, Kuplet, whose movement rivals that of a deer, and the brilliant young Kriket.


Bay colt, 01.01.2018 (Kriket – Karavaika)

Karavanshchik is by the brilliant racer and sire Kriket, bred at Moscow Stud from our mare Karavaika. She comes from the great mare line of Keramika,


Light grey colt, 26.04.2018 (Kuplet – Kolomenka)

This colt’s dam, Kolomenka, is half-sister to our versatile champion, the homebred Kaniuk, both from the mare Kameya. This famous mare family of

Blank (1)


Chestnut colt, 29.01.2018 (Kriket – Bezzabotnaya)

This rare chestnut colt takes his color from one of two famous brothers in his dam line, the chestnut Bokal, a fine racehorse. He and his brother, bay

Bukinistika (1)


Bay Filly, 14.01.2018 (Kriket — Belonozhka)

Bukinistika is from the prolific Kadetka family through its Kamchatka branch. The mare Kamchatka, born in the difficult years of World War II,

Belomorsk (1)


Chestnut-roan colt, 23.04.2018 (Kuplet – Beloyarka). 

A chestnut roan by bay Kuplet, this colt has been bred to inherit the features of his extraordinary sire, augmented by the magnificent mares of the Kadetka-Kamchatka family.

Bartoniya (1)


Bay filly, 25.04.2018 (Kuplet – Bronnitsa)

Bartonia is another of Kuplet’s fine fillies, with the great movement of her sire Kuplet.  Her dam Bronnitsa is from the Kaleria mare family,

Bangkok (1)


Dark grey colt, 30.01.2018 (Kuplet – Belosnezhka)

Bangkok’s dam, Belosnezhka, gave us our wonderful mare Belizna, winner of everything including Moscow Hippodrome’s Bars Prize.

Bakuriya (1)


Bay filly, 24.04.2018 (Kuplet – Bruschatka)

This filly is a daughter of Bruschatka, who was sired by Perm’s Kovboi.  Bruschatka has previously given Moscow Stud Farm #1 the filly Bruklina,

Kupava (1)


Dark grey filly, 30.04.2018 (Politik – Kia)

The filly Kupava has the movement of her magnificent sire Politik, and he set records when racing 3200 meters and 2400 meters.

Krasnoyarsk (1)


Rose gray colt, 03.02.2018 (Kuplet-Koronka)

This colt’s dam Koronka is a daughter of the splendid Kolorit, and represents the Otboi sire line in the Orlov Trotter breed.

Kalligrafiya (1)


Ggrey filly, 13.01.2018 (Kaniuk – Kofemanka)

The filly Kalligrafiya is another of the lovely grey fillies bred at Moscow Stud Farm #1.  Her sire, the homebred Kaniuk brought home championships,

Kaznokradka (1)


Dark grey filly, 08.01.2018 (Kriket – Kazna)

Her dam Kazna has already given a series of colts now registering 2.5 – 2.6 at the races, and Krasnokradka’s full brother Kurs has won the Winter Derby, the Kuleshov Prize.

Kirovsk (1)


Bay-roan, 24.04.2018 (Kantsler – Kichka)

This colt’s dam Kichka is a very breedy and expressive mare, and Kirovsk is the younger brother of the wonderful Bars winner Kart-Blanche.

Fokshana (1)


Grey filly, 22.01.2019 (Kriket – Flandria)

Fokshana comes from the family of Fabula, and her dam Flandria is the daughter of Imperator, who has already given Moscow Stud Farm #1

Donnik (1)


Dark rose-grey colt, 18.04.2018 (Kantsler – Duda)

A relatively new sire for Moscow Stud Farm #1, Donnik’s sire Kantsler raced well at all distances, winning or placing in 9 stakes races.

Gumanist (1)


Bay colt, 06.02.2018 (Kuplet – Guash’)

Gumanist takes his bay coat and his magnificent movement from his sire Kuplet. His dam, Guash’ is a daughter of the beautiful and swift Shtok,

Piksha (1)


Bay filly, 04.02.2018 (Kuplet – Parfiya)

Piksha’s dam, Parfiya, is a daughter of the Moscow homebred Feirverk, who gave great promise, but was retired early due to injury.

Zhitnyak (1)


Dark rose-grey colt, 01.01.2018 (Kriket – Zhuravka)

This colt’s dam Zhuravka, a daughter of the good sire Rubin, has already given two fast foals, Zhizneliub and coal black Zhasmin,


Bay colt, 01.01.2018 (Kuplet-Kosma)

Krymchak is a son of bay Kosma, another Kolomna-Kameya daughter, and Kosma herself brings this colt the sturdy lines of the legendary Perm Stud through Smak,

Kansk (1)


Grey colt, 9.01.2018 (Kuplet — Katakomba)

Kansk is unusually showy, with his dark grey color and floating light movement. He combines a triple dose of charisma from his sire Kuplet and his first two dam sires,

Byaz' (1)


Black filly, 25.01.2018 (Beresklet – Bumazeya)

Byaz’, described as “sedate”, reacted with a bit of alarm to her video camera, with the result that she shows her true movement, which is very, very good.

Biysk (1)


Bay Colt, 24.01.2018 (Kanuyk – Bonistika)

Biysk comes from the mare line of Keramika, who was the dam of MKZ#1’s legendary star, the champion racer and sire Kvadrat.

Bastiliya (1)


Dark grey filly, 01.01.2018 (Kuplet — Basnya)

Here is another Kaleria-line filly from the third of the Moscow Stud’s elite broodmares from this family. This is Basnya, and she is by Smak, a son of Perm’s exceptional Kovboi.

Barselona (1)


Grey filly, 01.01.2018 (Kriket – Burzhuika)

This filly’s conformation is similar to that of her marvelous grandsire (through her dam), and that is Zharkiy, who represents the rare sire line of Voin (Warrior).

Baltimor (1)


Light grey colt, 06.02.2018 (Politik – Bezhenka)

Baltimor’s sire Politik represents the sire line of Pion, the great all-Russian race champion. Politik himself was a worthy champion, especially on his native Perm and

Kirovchanka (1)


Bay filly, 30.02.2018 (Kantsler – Kolyadka)

This filly’s dam, the black Kolyadka, is the daughter of Perm Stud’s beloved and swift black Drotik, son of that Stud’s pride and joy, the bay Kipr.

Kamchadalka (1)


Dark bay filly, 07.01.2018 (Kaniuk – Kayomka)

This filly is by Moscow Stud Farm’s great Kaniuk, Bars Prize winner in Moscow and “korennik” (center horse)  of the Stud Farm’s champion troika.

Kronverk (1)


Dark grey colt, 28.04.2018 (Kuplet-Kumanika)

Kronverk is a son of the mare Kumanika whose sire is Kovboi of Perm.  Previously this mare when bred to Kuplet, gave the colt Kreshchatik who was a national record setter



Dark grey colt, 09.04.2018 (Kuplet – Konka)

Krasnogorsk is bred from the same sire-dam combination that gave us the stallion Kolenkor, who set the record for 2,400 meters in Novosibirsk.

Kollektsioner (1)


Bay colt, 30.01.2018 (Kuplet – Kapa)

Besides having Kuplet as his illustrious sire, this promising youngster’s dam is Kapa.  She is the daughter of the mare Konventsia, and Konventsia

Kupchikha (1)


Bay filly, 11.02.2018 (Politik – Kalimba)

This Politik daughter has the economical, big trot with the great rhythmic strides driven from behind that characterize the Politik progeny.

Florin (1)


Black colt, 01.01.2018 (Kriket-Freya)

Florin belongs to the mare family of Fabula, which has a line of thoroughbred and is known for its swiftness. Fabula herself, when bred to Pion, gave the fine speedster Fortunato

Gartsiniya (1)


Bay filly, 17.02.2018 (Kantsler – Guvernantka)

Gartsinia is another daughter of the good stallion Kantsler. She is the first foal of the mare Guvernantka,  daughter of the stallion Raund who represents

Ghepatiya (1)


Black filly, 05.03.2018 (Politik-Gimnazistka)

Resembling her sire Politik, who earned the astronomical rating of 4.5 for his exterior and conformation, this filly has the potential to become a magnificent broodmare as well as racer.

Pleyada (1)


Chestnut-roan filly, 31.01.2018 (Kuplet – Polyanka)

This filly takes her color from her famous dam sire Kovboi, and this sire-dam combination promises excellent results on the racetrack,

Baltyisk (1)


Dark bay colt, 29.04.2018  (Kantsler – Beluzhnitsa)

Baltiisk’s dam, Beluzhnitsa (named for the fish that yields black caviar) is a daughter of the famous stallion Zharkiy of the rare Voin (through Kartezhnik) sire line.