Gerakleya (Kantsler-Gardina)

Measurements: 146-150-157-19,0

Date of birth: 06.03.19

Chestnut Filly

This beautiful, long-bodied filly is strong, well-conformed, with correct shoulders, a good top-line and clean legs.  She has very good bone, but is nevertheless light in her movement with good thrust from her strong and correct hind legs.  She is kind, steady and calm, yet active, loves to move out!  Gerakleya offers great potential as a broodmare.

Gerakleya is the first foal of the broodmare Gardina, daughter of the magnificent Altai stallion Dobuichnk, and he is the artificially inseminated son of Altai’s great ancient Bagruzin, considered so great that his genes have been preserved for today.   Dobuichnik  was bred to Moscow Stud’s Golubka (dam of Gilza, record-setter of 2,2.6  at 4 years) to produce our filly’s dam Gardina, member of the Govorushka-Gichka mare family.