Bezhenets (Kantsler-Bezhenka)

Measurements: 143-151-160-18,75

Date of birth: 19.02.19

Bay Colt

This is a well-formed colt with good bone, though he is not big.  He will, however be wonderfully broad and well-muscled, with an excellent top line – the “baroque” type.  He is very harmonious, with clean legs, and has good movement with a well-balanced trot.  Bezhenets has the serious character of a warrior on the racetrack.

He has a great pedigree!  His sire Kantsler is the heir of racing champions such as the stallions Pilot, Otklik and Pion, and his dam Bezhenka descends from the famed and rare lines of the stallions Voin and Barchuk.