Batiskaf (Kaniuk – Buffonada)

Measurements: 143-146-156-18,5

Date of birth: 10.04.19

Dark Grey Colt

This is a gorgeous, active colt with the serious character of a warrior.  Despite being younger than most of this foal crop, he already shows excellent growth and promises to be a strongly built and breedy stallion with a broad chest, clean legs and well-conformed body.  He has a beautiful head and expressive eyes.

Batiskaf has an excellent pedigree.  His sire Kaniuk , several times champion of the breed, won many prizes (named stakes races) on the hippodrome and comes from the best breeding lines of Moscow Stud Farm #1.  Batiskaf’s dam, Buffonada is a daughter of the wonderful stallion Dobuichnik, and her dam (our colt Batiskaf’s grand-dam) is Buistrichka of the Kartinka family and “nest” of the great Keramika.  Keramika, of course, foaled the world-renowned, unbeaten Kvadrat.