Bastion (Kuplet – Basnya)

Measurements: 149-149-155-19,0

Date of birth: 16.01.19

Dark Grey Colt

This is an elegant, breedy colt with an excellent top-line, clean limbs and a long neck.  His gracious head and very expressive, kind eyes speak of his good character and orientation towards people.   Bastion has elegant, light movement and a back that is not long, making him suitable also as a saddle type.

Sired by the wonderful racer Kriket, Bastion is the son of MKZ’s mare Basnya.  She is a daughter of Perm Stud #9’s breeding stallion Smak and the mare Bobrovka, and belongs to the mare family of Karelia.  This family has given us such famous racing champions as Bokal and Buket, and also Gepard, winner of ten traditional prizes for Orlov Trotters on the hippodrome.