Bashkiria (Kuplet-Burzhuika)

Measurements: 144-149-165-18,9

Date of birth: 01.01.19

Chestnut Filly

This striking, very bright chestnut filly has a mane that is almost white.  Her distinctive “arabian-like” profile and expressive eyes remind us of the Arabian stallion Smetkanka, founding sire of the Orlov Trotters.  This filly is lively, sensitive and emotional and with good conformation and movement, a universal horse for harness or saddle.  Her broad chest, clean limbs and body conformation promise excellent broodmare potential.

This filly’s dam Burzhuika is a daughter of Zharky, the rare and special representative of the Boin “Warrior” line.  Bashkiria’s sire Kuplet was born in Zaporozhsky Stud in Ukraine, and he carries the nearly lost bloodline of the great Barchuk.  Kuplet is a multiple record-setter on the racetrack, and the sire of the current outstanding record-setters Kupletistka, Kriket and Kavuichka.